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Plants For Dorm Rooms & Apartments (2)

Sean MurphyComment
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Cacti and Succulents

Create your own desert escape on your desk or windowsill with cacti and succulents. These dryland plants are super easy to care for and come in an array of amazing textures and colors. Don’t worry; not all cacti are big and spiky!

Cacti and Succulent Care
Cacti and succulents love bright light; keep them near a sunny window or right under a desk light. Allow the soil to dry almost completely before you water them.

Why They're the Perfect Pick
With their trendy appearance and low water needs, cacti and succulents are terrific picks for busy and stylish students.

Did You Know
A study completed by the Royal College of Agriculture in England found that student attentiveness increased by 70 percent in lecture halls that had plants. Keep a cacti and succulent dish garden on your desk to help you focus!

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