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Plants For Dorm Rooms & Apartments (1)

Sean MurphyComment

Each day for the next week we will be featuring a easy to care for plant for the dorm room or apartment.


Ponytail Palm

Add a striking element to your room with dramatic ponytail palm. Low-maintenance and stunning, ponytail palm features bright, pom-pom-style foliage that looks lively all year.

Ponytail Palm Care
Place your ponytail palm in a bright spot, such as a windowsill or sunny desk. Because ponytail palm has low moisture needs, you only need to water it once the soil has dried—that may be once every seven to 10 days.

Why It’s the Perfect Pick
Ponytail palm has a unique appearance, which makes a bold statement and sets your dorm apart from the typical college space.

Did You Know
Excess carbon dioxide in your home can contribute to headaches and drowsiness. Keep a ponytail palm, which absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen, in your room to help eliminate these ailments.