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Forth of July Hours

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It’s that time of year where Rouvalis takes a bit of a hiatus over the 4th of July holiday. We will be closed the following days:

Thursday July 4th

Friday July 5th

Saturday July 6th

We will reopen Monday July 8th normal business hours.

Early Summer Collection Is Live!

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Our designers have been hard at work creating a late Spring early Summer flower arrangement collection. With this Spring being one of the coldest with a tremendous amount of rain, this collection will bring new vibrant tones that will bring you into the summer months!


Our most luscious design of the season, a perfect statement centerpiece for your most luxurious luau. Deep red peonies, Hot Explorer and Free Spirit roses, hot pink and mini green hydrangea, fragrant freesia and rosemary collide with tropical xanadu leaves, pincushion protea and orchid blossoms. This vibrant stunner is arranged in a beautiful teal ceramic pot.

This Flower Could Bring You Good Fortune

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I don't know about you, but I can always go for a little extra luck. Some cultures believe that ladybugs bring luck and good fortune. But how to find the little crawlers? Try Marigolds. They're one of the many flowers that attract lady bugs.

Bonus: marigolds are beautiful. They come in numerous colors and are great whenever you're looking to add a pop of color. Oh, and they also help keep mosquitoes away and other pests that may harm any edible plants you have.

Did you know that there are 4 different types of marigolds? Probably not (I had no idea). For the purpose of us gaining some good fortune, I'm only going to focus on one type of marigold: single marigolds (also referred to as 'French' marigolds). This type of marigold tends to resemble a daisy and has a longer stem.

You'll want to plant your French marigolds in fertile soil that isn't too most. If you have a vegetable garden, that's the perfect spot. If not, just make sure that they receive lots of sunlight and water during dry seasons.

If you don't have a green thumb, don't worry—that won't stop you from gaining some extra good luck. French marigolds are low-maintenance and beginner-friendly. In other words, you're about to attract all the ladybugs and all the good fortune out there in the universe waiting just for you.

Marigolds also happen to be edible (the flavor is described as "citrus-like"). So next time you're out in your garden, stop and see if your marigolds have bloomed and give them a taste.

Convinced you need to start attracting lady bugs? Get yourself some marigolds here.


June: Rose Month

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‘Aperol Spritz’ showcasing stunning Hot Explorer and Free Spirit roses tucked among June flowers.

‘Aperol Spritz’ showcasing stunning Hot Explorer and Free Spirit roses tucked among June flowers.

June Flower of the Month: Rose

Did you know that, according to statistics, the rose is the favorite flower all over the world?

We love roses for their longevity, color and round structure within our arrangements. Rose bushes are shrubs that are characterized, above all, for their flowers and for the thorns on their stems. All over the world, roses are considered to be the queens of gardens, and rose bushes, the decorative shrubs that are most used in the decoration of parks and gardens. The term rose garden has been established, to define a garden of rose bushes!

One of the most striking characteristics of roses is their incredible range of colors. As they are a flower that is really valued for its beauty and fragrance, many extremely spectacular and colorful hybrid varieties have been created. Currently, there are more than 30,000 registered varieties. The most traditional even have different associated meanings based on their color:

  • Red rose = Passion

  • White rose = Purity

  • Orange rose = Friendship

  • Yellow rose = Happiness

  • Roses rose = Esteem

Shop our current collection for daily delivery throughout Boston, pick up in our Beacon Hill boutique or just the chance to ogle the June Roses highlighted throughout !