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Rose Color Meanings

Sean MurphyComment

Besides the good old red Roses, which represent love and passion, there are other color Roses which can be offered correctly for this loving holiday. So be THAT supplier who not only provides lovers their floral designs-to-be, but also friends, parents, children, and so on!

Pink-Colored Roses: Perfect for BFF’s

Need flowers for a super special friend? Mix it with pink Roses! Pink Roses symbolize sweetness, admiration, and innocence. When you combine these color Rose varieties with Eucalyptus Cinerea, white Stock and white Lisianthus, you will design a heartwarming friendship-for-life bouquet!

Some of the beautiful varieties of pink-colored Roses that we offer in our webshop are:

  • Rose All 4 Love – As the names says, this rose is just perfect for Valentines.

  • Rose Aqua – This rose almost looks like it is eatable! Such a sweet even color.

  • Rose Lazise – This white/pink rose has a beautiful color that fades from white to a purple center.

  • Rose Candy Girl – The center is just breathtaking! It looks like a swirl painting.

  • Rose Pink Mondial – A real beauty with soft pink-hued heart and an outer ring of creamy-colored cascading petals.

  • Rose Pink Floyd – Named after the famous English rock band, this Rose - with its vibrant hot pink-colored big head - honors its name.

  • Rose Nena – With this Rose variety you will not get 99 luftballons, but 99 gorgeous shell pink-colored Rose petals!

  • Rose Topaz – The gemstone topaz can have several colors, but this Rose variety has only one: beautiful hot pink

  • Rose Gotcha – Gotcha has a big head and a deep hot pink color. Smashing!

  • Rose Pink O’Hara – a gorgeous light pink colored Garden Rose, which has a lovely fragrance.

Yellow-Colored Roses: for Hard-Working Friends

For those of you that are looking for a way to show their appreciation to a dear one, you can suggest yellow Roses. Yellow symbolizes happiness, activeness, and energy. Mix them with blue Delphiniums, Eryngium Thistle and Asparagus Falcatus to get a striking, contrasting bouquet!

  • Rose Good Times – A large, wide head with a bright yellow color.

  • Rose Solero – Just like the pink Candy Girl, this rose has a beautiful swirl in the center.

  • Rose Moonwalk – A very dark yellow colored variety with lovely petals.

  • Rose Stardust – This beautiful variety of pastel yellow, is very desired by the termination of its petals in tips.

  • Rose Bikini – The most traditional yellow Rose in the USA for the bright yellow color, and also is known for its small head with excellent aperture head.

  • Rose Cubana – This gorgeous Rose has a great fragrance and is very beloved by its appearance to the garden Rose.

Orange-Colored Roses: A Mixture of Friendship and Love

The color orange is a mixture of yellow and red. So you could say that orange is the intermediate between friendship and love. Orange color Roses also symbolize good energy and enthusiasm. Thus, the perfect flower to opt when a customer wants to show his/her appreciation! Combine orange Roses with yellow Stock

  • Rose Confedential – Probably the most popular orange rose. This rose has a very good vase life too.

  • Rose  Juliet – One of the most beautiful roses on this list. This garden rose has a very nice smell as well.

  • Rose Crush – The unique orange/coral Rose color makes this variety very exclusive, as well for the great aperture head and the stems length.

  • Rose Nina – This exotic dark orange Rose has a great head opening, and this makes it that is used for extraordinary events like a Valentine’s Day!

Purple-Colored Roses: for Love at First Sight

Mix purple-colored Roses with pink Lisianthus and white Gypsophila for a charming look, or mix them with various Moon series Carnations, and Eucalyptus Cinerea to create an elegant, though a bit of a mysterious look. Success guaranteed!

Purple comes in many shades, and our Holland and Miami Rose ranges contain exotic varieties. Visit our webshop to see the current offerings, like:  

  • Rose Martim – If you're looking for something that is purple but also has a light shade of pink than this is the rose you want!

  • Rose Nightingale – A small rose that is available in lengths 40, 50, 60 and 70 centimeters.

  • Rose Cool Water – This beautiful lavender color Rose always looks gorgeous in all floral arrangements for its large opening head.

  • Rose Moody Blues – Elegant, and delicate lavender color Rose, unique to express unconditional love.

  • Rose Deep Purple – The great combination of this bicolor Rose hot-pink and purple, makes this Rose very versatile to use in different styles of arrangements and events.

  • Rose Ocean Song  – The delicate appearance of the lavender color and the antique edges makes this rose as a very romantic flower particular for weddings.

  • Rose Tiara  – A new variety with an excellent lavender color with brown edges that makes it a very romantic Rose.