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Crushing on Anemone week of 1/21

Sean MurphyComment
anemone 2.jpg

We are loving the Anemones this week, they come in an array of colors and brighten up any arrangement.

Anemones are a great cut flower and will give you around nine days of vase life when when properly cared for.

  • Recut the stems at an angle, removing one to two inches with a sharp knife to allow for better water intake.

  • Always remember to use a clean vase and fresh water whenever you are considering presenting and displaying anemones.

  • Keep Anemones in medium light and in a cool spot to prolong vase life. This flower prefer the cold water and the cold spaces. Anemones will open in light and heat so be sure to keep plan appropriately for blooming purposes.

  • Refresh the water that the stems are standing in on a daily basis. Anemones are heavy drinkers so check their water level frequently when hydrating and arranging.

  • Position the anemone arrangements in a cool area of your home, or place of business, in order to keep them looking fresh.

  • Whenever possible, place the arrangements in the refrigerator at night or when not being displayed.

  • Anemones continue to grow after arranging. Leave enough room in bouquets and wedding centerpieces for flowers to open.

  • Anemones are seasonal flowers available from November thru May. It is possible that Anemone flowers may not be available during some weeks in November and December due to cold weather. Limited availability in quantities and colors of Anemones in July, August, and October.