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Autumn Wedding Trends!

Sean MurphyComment

A true trend for 2019 are floral accessories. We all know the corsages that are worn by either the groom or the guests at the wedding, but this trend goes far beyond that. Rings, necklaces, shoulder corsages, hoop bouquets, hair accessories, you name it. Time to involve your wedding guests into the floral joy on this big day.

Floral Rings Source:

The smallest floral designs on our list of real floral accessories are the rings. Small and maybe not so notable but a great looking detail. Wear them yourself or make rings for your guests. This creates a nice subject for your guests to talk about and compare their rings. They will surely be noticeable when they take a nip of champagne. Check out our t board for inspiration.

Floral Necklaces:

Floral necklaces are a perfect replacement or extension for the bridal bouquet. Many necklaces are round, following the shape of the neck, but there are also necklaces with a more “triangle” shape. Check out our P board for inspiration.

Shoulder Corsages:

The shoulder corsage is definitely growing in popularity. It can be a great eye-catcher at weddings. It can be made small and delicate or large and abundant. In most cases, the flowers used in the shoulder corsages are matching with the dress or outfit of the wearer. Great fall wedding trend for 2019. Check out our board for inspiration.

The Hoop Bouquet:

One of the most popular fall wedding trends for 2019. Especially for the bridesmaids. Since you can create hoops of any size, the possibilities are almost endless. Hoop bouquets are also a very cute accessory for children when they attend the wedding. It is also a perfect replacement for the traditional wedding bouquet. Using a hoop bouquet on your wedding gives it a more boho feeling.

head floral.jpg

Floral Hair Accessories

There are a lot of different floral hair accessories. From floral crowns, hair clips to using a single flower. This is a trend that will definitely be big in the fall of 2019. Go to our Pinterest board to see all the possibilities and be inspired.

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