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Our Designers Are Gearing Up For Valentines Day!

Sean MurphyComment

This week our designers and buyers are collaborating on this years Valentine’s Day Collection, here is a sneak peak on the process we take when designing a new collection.

Design Process

  • We look at whats trending in the industry and local market

  • What is or has been a popular seller with our clientele

  • We always like to have a theme for each collection *ie this holiday collection was a woodland theme

  • What flowers are readily available from out selected farms

The Flowers

  • We contact farms that we have relationships with to order an abundance of flowers

  • Each farm specializes in certain flowers therefore we uses various farms around the world that we have built up relationships with to ensure the highest quality

  • Once we take delivery of the flowers the designers begin to create the Valentine’s Collection for 2019

The Creation

  • The designers will collaborate with each other to go over the design process once again

  • Each designer then begins to create the vision that has been talked about and sketched into fruition

  • Numerous iterations of arrangements are made until the perfect collection is created

  • Each arrangement is then photographed and uploaded to our website, social media and design book

Stay tuned in the next week or so for the Valentine’s 2019 Collection!

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