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Botrytis Blight Around The Region

Sean MurphyComment

The late start to Spring combined with unseasonably cool temperatures in much of the North East region has provided great growing conditions for Botrytis Blight.  Botryis is a grey mold that will damange and if not caught early fatal to the plants. 

The weather isn't the only thing contributing to this disease,  lack of early spring sales result in plants being on the sales floor longer causing over crowding.  The resulting crowded conditions restrict airflow, so petal and leaf surfaces stay moist longer. This increases the opportunity for the fungal pathogen to spread.

The most common plants we have observed this happening too is geranium, petunia, and leucanthemum plants.  Our buyers have been mindful of this and we seem to have the upper advantage as we hand pick all of our plants for retail sales and our urban garden division.