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Boston Marathon & The 5th Year of Daffodils.

Sean MurphyComment

The Marathon Daffodils project will return for its fifth year of growing and delivering thousands of daffodils throughout Boston and along the Boston Marathon route.

Charlestown’s Diane Valle envisioned Marathon Daffodils as tribute to Boston Strong five years ago and collaborates with hundreds of donors and volunteers each year who donate their money and time to add the cheerful display of yellow daffodils, which welcome the runners, visitors, residents and workers.

“Our goal is to provide this living symbol of hope, spring, and rebirth” said Clive Olson, Jr, The Marathon Daffodil vice president.



“Marathon Daffodils are used to remember those who lost their lives; to acknowledge those who suffered injuries and those who rushed to their aid; to lift the community spirit, and to signify the resilience and strength of our entire Boston Strong community,” says Matthew J. Piscitelli, grower of the daffodils.

In October of 2017, more than 25,000 Dutchmaster daffodil bulbs were imported from Holland, planted in 5,000 pots, and put into a massive cooler at Olson Greenhouse in Raynham.

Three weeks prior to Marathon Weekend, the bulbs are removed from the cooler, ending their winter-long hibernation and beginning their life as a Boston Strong Marathon Daffodil.

On Friday morning, April 13, 2018, trucks are loaded while teams of volunteers gather at a dozen locations throughout the City of Boston, waiting to receive the Marathon Daffodils. The volunteers deliver the plants to stores, restaurants, businesses, greenspaces and doorsteps to celebrate the arrival of Spring, and to celebrate the greatest road race in the world.