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Breathtaking Flower Dress How Too!

Sean MurphyComment

This breathtaking flower dress will not only surprise your customers but also yourself! This beauty will attracts everyone’s attention. People will look twice and stop to make pictures. Guaranteed! The combination of the greens with the Lily, Hydrangea, Eryngium and Clematis is wonderful. Watch the video below to see how this breathtaking flower dress is made and be inspired!

Time: 70 – 100 minutes | Difficulty: medium (***)


  • Chicken wire

  • Mannequin

  • Knife

  • Secateurs

  • Iron wire


  • 23 x Phoenix Roebelini

  • 8 x Ruscus Aculeatus

  • 12 x Leucothoe Walteri Rainbow

  • 10 x Eucalyptus Populifolia Berry Dyed

  • 5 x Clematis Amazing Kibo

  • 6 x Eryngium Orion

  • 22 x Lily Brindisi

  • 5 x Hydrangea Green/Burgundy

Steps For Making This Breathtaking Flower Dress:

  1. Wrap the chicken wire around the mannequin.

  2. Start with the Phoenix Roebelini to make the lower part of the dress. Push the stems trough the chicken wire and secure with iron wire if needed.

  3. Now add the Ruscus at the lower back of the dress.

  4. Use the Leucothoe to fill up the rest of the lower back and work your way up the spine towards the neck.

  5. Now use the Eucalyptus to create the base of the chest.

  6. Fill in the gaps on the chest with the Eryngium, Clematis and Hydrangea.

  7. Your breathtaking flower dress is now ready for use. Enjoy!