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Plant Pick: Bromeliads

Sean MurphyComment

Our talented team of designers are more than just floral experts - they are plant experts as well! We do our best to carry a wide range of houseplants, from basic ferns to exotic, tropical options. Just in the shop are some of our favorites thus far - bromeliads! These tropical plants are great for either indoor or outdoor life. Read below to learn about their care. 

Watering: like most houseplants, bromeliads are extremely sensitive to over-watering. They are drought-resistant, meaning that the soil should dry out completely between waterings. We recommend bringing the plant to the sink, turning on the faucet, and letting the water run completely though the drain holes for a few seconds. Be sure to let all of the water run through before replacing in the decorative pot.

An interesting feature of bromeliads is that they also have a tank, where all of their leaves meet in the center of the plant. They will also take up water through this tank, but be sure to replace water occasionally to avoid stagnant water. 

Light: Bromeliads will be happiest in a room with bright, indirect sunlight. Do not let the plant in direct sun for too long, as it could cause sunburn. 

Humidity: since they are tropical plants, bromedliads love humidity. A good way to achieve this is to place a few rocks at the bottom of their grow pot with a small amount of water (be sure the roots at the bottom of the grow pot do not touch the water). This will create a nice humid environment for them. Another option is a small mister, to be misted every day. 

Flowering: bromeliads only flower once in their lifetime, but will sprout brightly colored leaves that are often mistaken for flowers. 

Interested in our bromeliads? Be sure to stop by and see them in person, or send as a exotic, tropical gift!