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Dutch floral celebration

Sean MurphyComment


This passed weekend, flower lovers traveled to a small Dutch town called Zundert for the Bloemencorso Zudert, a day long party celebrating the town’s famous dahlias. The tradition dates back 80-some years, and while the parade may have started out as a relatively modest display of flower-adorned bicycles and horse-drawn carts, it’s since become something crazier and more surreal, involving massive floats covered in hundreds of thousands of flowers. Over the course of the first week of September, float-makers bustle about trying to complete their highly detailed displayed in time for the annual parade, and they can get crazy. Between the moving parts, the intricate designs, the yearly themes and the speed with which the floats are assembled, the Bloemencorso Zundert is as much a celebration of wild invention as it is the Netherlands’ dahlias.