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Anatomy of a Summer Arrangement

Sean MurphyComment

    Bold summer colors and luscious leafy textures make this three-sided statement arrangement a real show stopper. " I wanted to create something which included many different elements but didn't look weedy" says designer Serena Nelson. Choosing to make multiple small groupings of different florals and textures has created just that look. Here's a quick guide to what went into making this arrangement: to start, a  monstera leaf is cut and sunk into the glass vase as the base of the arrangement. Next, we see the ball of deep red Heart roses are placed head to head to form an eye-catching point low down. To the left, a spray of mango calla lillies lay in front of stems of oncidium orchids, to draw the eye across the whole piece. At the center, we have a bright mix of pincushion protia, green trick dianthus, mokara orchids and burgandy snap dragons. These make up the body of the piece. Wide deep green monstera leaves and bunches of cordyline extend towards the back of the arrangement, with touches of curly kiwi branches to give it height and depth. One final touch we decided to add  are the two small echeveria succulents tucked towards the right hand side of the arrangement. Cut succulents add a whole new element to the traditional cut flower bouquet, as they can survive out of soil/water for days. Once the rest of the cut flowers pass, the succulents will live quite happily if transferred to a bed of moss or soil in a timely manner. 

 Our team of designers is always on hand to create arrangements like the one shown here as well as others for any occasion.