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Color Pallettes for Fall 2016

Sean MurphyComment

The world of fashion always has its way of influencing all design backgrounds whether it be in the interior or floral design world. For fall 2016 we believe the color palette will consist of six key palettes as explained below.

Terrain: Earth Tones:

Terrain consists of a complete palette of saturated earth tones. This fall, brown makes a significant comeback which is not only imitated with roast, but also in shades like prune and softer tones like cognac and coppertone. These two colors camel and toffee are essential  to the Terrain palette. Adding a bit of natural color darker yellow and red rust add a spice component. Greens are also leveraged, from an olive base to pea colroing.





Frontier: Neutral Colors

This color palette brings a new group of neutrals what are a bit darker than recent seasons. Blue plays an important role in the this palette, ranging from a mid steel blue to teal- water and navy as a base color. Brown "terrain" is also even more important with dark chocolatecolor. Wheat is offered as the tan to sort brown  of the season, while rich plum enters. Grey hues include dark charcoal and a mid-tone of slate, while petrol becomes a new sludge-inspired hue.