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In the Shoppe: Agave

Sean MurphyComment

This handsome devil is called an Agave Plant. Contrary to popular belief, Agave plants are not part of the cactus family-though they do look similar. Agave plants come in many delightful shapes and textures. The one shown here is called Agave Ferox, and is characterized by its bright green color and sharp serrated leaves- known as rosettes. They are native to Mexico and southern parts of the United States as well as tropical parts of South America. They are most popular for their use as an ingredient in Tequila and for their sap, which can be used as a sweetener. They are an eye catching pieces for landscapes and window boxes, in addition to being an awesome houseplant! 

The agave plant in some ways really is an ideal houseplant as they are slow growing (won't need to be repotted) and do not require much watering. They do require lots of bright sun, making them perfect for sun rooms, roof-decks and patios. Just remember to bring your agave plant indoors after the summer season has ended. Come into our Beacon Hill shoppe any time this summer to see this stunning agave as well as tons of other houseplants, gifts and fresh flowers.