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Tillandsia in the Shop!

Sean MurphyComment
Sea Urchins hang upside down resembling jellyfish.

Sea Urchins hang upside down resembling jellyfish.

With the warm weather making a brief appearance on its way to stay, we can't help but think of summer by the sea! We are creating sea-inspired treasures in the shop with tillandsia, also known as air plants, and beautiful shells. Air plants commonly grow without soil while attached to other plants in the forests of Central and South America. Their uniquely textured leaves collect water and nutrients from the air around them, and require minimal watering in a home environment. They grow in many shapes and colors providing fabulous texture and interest to designs like table-scapes, fresh floral arrangements, event centerpieces, potted orchids, mantle displays, and succulent containers - the uses are endless! Stop by the store and get inspired to create a unique display all your own!