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Gothic Floral Design by Thomas Rinaldi

Sean MurphyComment

A short story of art, fashion and Porta Nova Red Naomi roses, staged in Enna Italy at the La Galleria Civica di Enna. It is during the very first edition of “Fashion Days”; a three day event dedicated to various expressions of fashion, art and entertainment.

In coming up with his showcase for the event, talented floral designer Thomas Rinaldi initially toyed with the idea of creating a very colorful dress with an assortment of different colored flowers. He then decided to work around a Gothic theme, which automatically meant the color black to show the unique mysteriousness yet captivating nature of Gothicism. To help him bring this out effectively, he needed a good quality and beautiful red rose. That is when he immediately knew Porta Nova Red Naomi would come in handy.

“I work with a lot of red roses in my shop, but for the most important projects and assignments such as this one, I always use Porta Nova Red Naomi roses,” says Thomas.

“Gothic Flower Design” is the name of Thomas Rinaldi’s live showcase. He had to have everything perfect, so he contacts model Alice Contino, since Thomas knew she would work perfectly in bringing out the stylish elegance he was gunning for. His Glam-Team includes the company Glamour Valentina and Samantha  Pitti for hair and make-up and Loredana Mirlisenna for a very well thought-out Nail Art job. Porta Nova Red Naomi roses are ready… courtesy of toes Nature Ltd, Lodato Brothers of Delia, who are firm believers in the project.

To crown the show, Thomas’s colleague Clementina Messina researched and put together some graphics and music in line with the gothic theme, while photography was handled by Paul Valenti and Leo Sacco. His floral design team for the project included; Lorena Di Maria, David Mungiovino, Elena Ballacchino and Milena Gravagno.

“I am quite satisfied with the choice of Porta Nova Red Naomi in achieving this design. The result was very nice and really unexpected,” added Thomas.