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Proper Care for Handling Flowers in the Cold

Sean MurphyComment

Winter is here unfortunately, and its always important to remember proper care for the flowers being transported outside or arrangements and plants inside.  


Fresh Cut Flowers: Fresh cut flowers bought at our shop are always gift wrapped, any temperature under 35 degrees we completely cover the flowers from the bottom of the stems to the top of the blossoms to make sure they do not get nipped by the cold. It's best that the flowers are transported to the destination with the least amount of time in the cold weather. Even though the flowers are completely covered it will still make a great presentation if given as a gift!  Make sure once they reach the destination they get a fresh cut with a serenaded knife and put into water.

Flower Arrangements: Most all of our flower arrangements are gift boxed for delivery, during the cold weather we typically cover the top of the arrangement with cellophane to create a pocket of warm air for the flowers during transportation. Its best that the flowers stay covered when exposed to the cold air outside. If you receive an arrangement and would like to transport it later that day or any other time just make sure the flowers are completely covered when being exposed to the cold weather.  

Plants: We typically wrap all plants when being transported in the cold. If the plants are small enough and a gift they will be packaged the same way as flower arrangement. If the plant is larger it will be completely covered in a plastic wrap to protect the plant from the cold weather. Again if being transported again outside we ask that it be re wrapped and taking to its destination asap.