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Oncidium Twinkle Orchids

Sean MurphyComment

I hope everyone is enjoying the New Year! We're having a wonderful time in the shoppe (as usual) enjoying the plants of winter and gearing up for VALENTINE'S Day- which is just around the corner eek! Just a quick bit about one of the newest additions to the shoppe: Oncidium Twinkle orchids!

These little beauties have just arrived and they are an absolute delight! The lovely delicate flowering orchids gifts are twofold: not only does it look fantastic and bloom for months at a time, but they also smell heavenly! I've heard the fragrance likened to vanilla or peaches. Stop by our beacon hill shoppe and decide for yourself! 


Care for this orchid is pretty straightforward. Oncidium Twinkle varieties like to be kept in partially shaded areas. Do not put this orchid in direct sun. They prefer stable temperatures and should not be kept in spaces that go below 57°F. When watering the orchid, make sure the water fully drains from the bottom. Do not allow the orchids roots to sit in collected water-this may cause root rot. 

Follow these instructions and your little Twinkle should provide you with exquisite sight and scent during these cold winter days!

-Serena Fae