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Whats ahead for 2016

Sean MurphyComment

As floral designers we use numerous varieties of flowers, colors of flowers, and design styles with techniques to make each of our creations beautiful for our customers in a way that is unique and special them. The flowers at a large scale event to a single birthday arrangement need to reflect the personality, style, desires and overall look or the recipient or customer. We typically combine the worlds of fashion and lifestyle that reflect the style of each arrangement. Here at Rouvalis we are always trying to stay ahead of the curve and look into the future, with the start of the New Year we have taking a look into what is ahead for us in 2016.

garden wheel.jpg

Garden: It’s no secret we tend to design lavish, garden style arrangements! It is sensual and tactile for us. We typically use garden flowers grouped in loose gatherings with berries, textural elements and cascading foliage. Rich in textures and filled with pinks, blushes contrasted with rich plums and crimson.

Lustre: Rich with metallic, using blends of gloss and sparkle paired with ivory flowers is a bold contrast in any arrangement. The use of copper, gold, platinum, silver, bronze and rose gold can all be mixed to deliver this stylish look. We typically design in this manner for events and weddings to really capture the variation in colors and finish.

Pastel: For years we have tried to make pastel colors more modern and lively to our customers. This color palette features shades of yellow, peach, pink while adding deep blues, vibrant coral/salmon, and a chartreuse green. Pastel doesn’t have to be pale and muted it can be lively and bubbly.

Jubilee: We wanted these arrangements to be filled with intense colors. Summer is a great time to explore with hot, vibrant, and daring combinations. Jubilee is fun and quirky using tropical and seasonal flowers to accomplish a stylish and bold work of art. Did we mention vibrant, well the colors will be bright yellow, hot pink, hues of red, dark green with touches of bi-color flowers to add to the uniqueness of the composition. As always unique textural elements and leafs will add to the dramatic look of these flowers.

As always stop by the shop to check out what we are working on and always take a look at the floral collections we have online to see what’s available.