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Warty Gourd World

Sean MurphyComment

Can I officially say welcome back? I think it's time! I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend.  We, at Rouvalis want to also extend a warm welcome to anyone who may be new to The Hill! We've already met some great new neighbors and even sent a few home with some fresh indoor plants for their new apartments. Upon your first visit to the shoppe be sure to ask about our preferred customer card to get you started with some awesome savings!  

I'm excited today because we just got in a HUGE shipment of decorative gourds. Ornamental gourds are awesome for lots of reasons. Here are three reasons to love them! 

1. Shape- gourds are extremely versatile in shape. From long-necked swan shapes to wonky octopus shapes- no two are alike! 

2. Colors- Gourds come in a whole bunch of colors that complement a lot of other fall foliage. My personal favorite are those that come in the bi-colored orange/gold and deep forest green. 

3. Uses- we think of gourds usually as purely ornamental pieces used to decorate but this is only one of their many talents. Gourds have been used for centuries to make musical instruments, tools like ladles and water bottles, and were even used as a currency in  1800 Haiti. Oh and last but not least they are delicious!!  

Welcome to...Our Warty Gourd World!

Welcome to...Our Warty Gourd World!



-Serena Fae