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How To: Arrange in a Pumpkin!

Sean MurphyComment

 I love using non-traditional vases to make centerpieces and arrangements, and the fall provides a perfect opportunity to do so.  With such a bounty of pumpkins and gourds available at the local farmers market, it seems a shame that they be used only for jack-o-lanterns. Here's a step by step guide for creating your own flower arrangement in a pumpkin! 

You will need:

a large pumpkin- the best ones for arranging are squat and round with flat bottoms.

your flower knife

one block of florists oasis 

carving knife


cut flowers and greens- be sure to choose colors that go well with your pumpkin, steer away from soft pastels and whites. 

Step 1. Drop the oasis block into a clean bucket. Slowly poor room temperature water over the block until it is covered. Let block soak in the bucket for about five minutes. 

Step 2. Cut a large circle at the top of the pumpkin. Do not cut the circle so wide as that it leaves the entire top of the pumpkin open, remember you have to fill the whole space with cut flowers and you don't want any of them jumping out.  It can be helpful to think of a vase that is of similar size to your pumpkin and measure its opening for a reference. 

Step 3. Scrape out the inside of the pumpkin. Be sure to really scrape out the entire contents, leaving extra matter in there takes up more room and will rot in the water. Also be mindful that you do not scrape the walls of the pumpkin too thin- they need to remain water-tight. 

Step 4. Place the oasis block into the pumpkin and fill it with water. 

Step 5. Carefully push your stems into the foam. Begin by filling in large areas with your greens, next add little groupings of your flowers. 

Be sure to keep your pumpkin filled with water. If you're pressed for time, stop by our Beacon Hill shoppe to pick out your pumpkin and blooms and we'd be happy to arrange a beautiful centerpiece just for you!