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Care Free Succulents

Sean MurphyComment

 Amongst the sweltering summer sun and last minute vacations, it's probably not a surprise when your outdoor plants start looking like they need a little love. Instead neglecting your plants of hydration every time you hit the waves, reconsider your landscape scheme to require lower maintenance and be more sun tolerant that is in line with your carefree summer attitude. 

The right plant picks can stand extended sunlight and a little neglect. For extra-hot outdoor conditions, extended vacations or people who don’t have a green thumb, succulents are a excellent choice. Most survive relatively well in full sun and require at a couple hours per day of full sun. For larger planters or spaces that call for a taller plant, consider using  aloe or agave.

. Remember, a majority of succulents flourish on neglect. Always hydrate on the side of under watering, not overwatering. If they look a little wilted, then it's time to water!.