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Daffodil modern art garden in Seaport will honor Boston Marathon.

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If the gardens bloom late this spring, those in the Boston can rest easy: Towering daffodils will arrive on the Seaport Common this spring in the form of a public art installation that pays homage to both the season of renewal and the beloved Boston Marathon tradition.

Beginning April 8, a modern art garden called “20 Knots: Daffodils for Boston,” commissioned by Brooklyn-based artist Daniele Frazier, will be on display on the Seaport Common. The artwork pays tribute to the Boston Marathon and consists of 20 colorful, large daffodils that shift shapes with the wind, according to Frazier. The towering flowers will stand 20 feet tall in shades of yellow, orange and green.

“With the energy of the marathon and the arrival of warmer weather and spring flowers, April really sees our city come into full bloom," Debra Brodsky, Seaport’s head of marketing said in a statement. The artwork, she said, feels like “the perfect match for this moment centered around Boston’s strength, hope and resiliency.”

The artwork is synonymous with an organization founded by Diane Valle in response to the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013. Her project, called Marathon Daffodils, works with nonprofits and horticulturists to place 130,000 daffodils along the marathon route from Hopkinton to Copley Square.

The Boston Seaport community has taken part in the Marathon Daffodils’ tradition, displaying the flowers in windows at businesses and restaurants in the neighborhood.

The “20 Knots” artwork -- which marks the Seaport’s ninth public art installation -- can be seen on the Seaport Common from April 8 through April 29.

Crushing on Clematis week of 3/18

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Using clematis is a well kept secret in the floral community.  Clematis will stay fresh for at least seven days depending on which varieties/group you pick and the age of the flowers when you pick them. Clematis is the ideal candidate for use as a cut flower in florals, arrangements and bouquets because these varieties have a long vase life. It is also worth mentioning that there are several varieties (such as: double Patens and Diversifolia) that can last up to two or more weeks, making them a serious competitor with alstroemerias which are revered by florists for their longevity.

Crushing on Scabiosa week of 3/11

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Scabiosa, also know as the “pincushion flower” . The variety shown above is the “Scoop series” a brand new collection of varieties in deliciously-sounding berry names, that greatly expands the palette of available colors. These delicate-looking flowers are very long lasting and come in different shades of pink, purple, lavender, black and white colors. Scabiosa varieties can be combined to create gorgeous bouquets, or added as accent flowers to arrangements, bridal bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpieces.

International Women's Day 2019!

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We will be giving out a bunch of tulips to every woman who shops with us today, because we admire you.


International Women's Day 2019 campaign theme:

The future is exciting. Let's build a gender-balanced world.

Everyone has a part to play - all the time, everywhere.

From grassroots activism to worldwide action, we are entering an exciting period of history where the world expects balance. We notice its absence and celebrate its presence.

Balance drives a better working world. Let's all help create a #BalanceforBetter.

Year long activity and collaboration

The 2019 #BalanceforBetter campaign runs all year long. It doesn't end on International Women's Day.

The campaign theme provides a unified direction to guide and galvanize continuous collective action, with #BalanceforBetter activity reinforced and amplified all year.

Let's build a gender-balanced world

Balance is not a women's issue, it's a business issue. The race is on for the gender-balanced boardroom, a gender-balanced government, gender-balanced media coverage, a gender-balance of employees, more gender-balance in wealth, gender-balanced sports coverage ...

Gender balance is essential for economies and communities to thrive.

Collectively we can all play a part

Collective action and shared responsibility for driving a gender-balanced world is key. International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women - while also marking a call to action for accelerating gender balance.

The first International Women's Day occurred in 1911, supported by over one million people. Today, IWD belongs to all groups collectively everywhere. IWD is not country, group or organization specific.

Gloria Steinem, world-renowned feminist, journalist and activist once explained "The story of women's struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organisation but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights."

Motivate others

So put your hands out and STRIKE THE #BalanceforBetter POSE and make International Women's Day YOUR day - and do what you can to truly make a positive difference for women everywhere.

Amplify via social media

Post your #IWD2019 message on social media with your "hands out" balance pose for a strong call-to-action for others to also help forge a #BalanceforBetter.

Take action

For International Women's Day 2019 and beyond, how will you #BalanceforBetter?

A special thanks

Thank you to the wonderful teams at our Collaboration Partner, EyeEm, and the talented photographers dedicated to portraying women in real and non-stereotyped ways, supporting the IWD 2019 #BalanceforBetter campaign theme.

St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner.

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Green, green and even more green! During St. Patrick’s Day a lot of pubs, streets and even entire cities turn into this wonderful color. It is needless to say that flower decorations contribute to the festive feeling of this day. Imagine a bouquet, centerpiece or other design full of green flower. Plan ahead and order your St. Patrick’s Day arrangement


Crushing on Ranunculus Clooney week of 2/25

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Ranunculus are the perfect choice when it comes to adding depth and texture to floral arrangements. Soft, round shape and abundance of delicate petals make them a unique addition to anything from an elegant bridal bouquet to a modern, pared-down centerpiece. Some varieties have a range of hues that will complement any color scheme from soft, bridal blush to dramatic crimson

Crushing on Muscari week of 2/25

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This week we are crushing on Muscri, also know as Grape Hyacinth.

Muscari has originated in the old world, from the Mediterranean basin, the Center and South of Europe, Northern Africa, the West, Center and South-West of Asia. The term muscari comes from the Latin muscus, since the scent is said to resemble musk.