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Corporate Services and Weekly Floral!

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Rouvalis Flowers & Gardens takes great pleasure in partnering with corporations big and small throughout the Greater Boston Area. Our team of designers would love to take your order to brighten up that work place!

From stunning bouquets, lush, exotic plants to sumptuous, Rouvalis is hereto ensure that only the finest creations reach your recipients and brighten up your office.

We pride ourselves on a vast and unique selection of flowers and plants at our Charlestown Studio that allows us the ability to craft your sentiments, whether congratulatory, celebratory or sentimentally, and comply with any budget requested.

For our corporate clients, we are delighted to offer discounts to the corporation as well as your employees Any employee who contacts Rouvalis and reveals that they are affiliated with one of our corporate clients will receive a discount on any floral or related gift above $50, with no limitations. This also applies to any residential building that Rouvalis is associated with.

Rouvalis has partnered with many of our corporate clients and PR firms to create a variety of co-branding, continuity, and cross-promotional programs to enhance their events, galas and celebrations.

To inquire about our corporate flower services, please complete the inquiry form below or call our Corporate Designers directly at 617.776.0001 to begin a conversation about the services we provide.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and delivering the delight!

The Rouvalis Team

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