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Urban Garden Design Services

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Container Gardening | Courtyards |  Roof Decks | Seasonal Rotations

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At Rouvalis, we understand that your plantscape will define the exterior of your home or business. We provide exceptional urban gardening solutions that make each property stand out from the rest.

Utilizing the highest quality plants and decorative containers, we will enhance the look of your property. We service both residential and commercial properties; working closely with homeowners’ associations, management companies and contractors.   Our experienced team of garden designers have the talent and knowledge to create a beautiful planting to fit your unique space.


Container Gardens

Container Gardening is our area of expertise. We design exceptional displays to enhance your property's style and image. We provide:

- Custom designs

- Seasonal and custom rotations

- Local and tropical plants

- Flowering plants

- Colorful foliage

- Decorative grasses

- Unique Containers

- Window Boxes



When it comes to plant maintenance, we prefer to prevent problems rather than react to them. We highly recommend adding a garden maintenance program to all of our installations.

Our Team is trained to assess each property and recommend a program that will fit your individual needs while maintaining aesthetic consistency and overall plant health.

Maintenance practices include watering, fertilizing, pruning, seasonal clean-ups and disease/pest/weed control. We keep a tidy work environment and always thoroughly clean all work areas before leaving.

Garden care by our experienced team ensures that your plants will look their best throughout each season.



Irrigation is important for plant establishment. Watering deep to the root system is ideal for all plants. Whether a courtyard garden, or container planting, managing water flow is vital for plant health.

We customize all irrigation installs to the landscape. Most systems have multiple zones as some areas require more water than others, depending on sun exposure or specific plant needs. By using drip irrigation, we decrease water consumption and limit disease.

Our irrigation systems are hands-off to you with timers and maintenance checks by our team. Each spring our systems are turned on and checked for any repair needed. Once all systems are checked service for Spring (April) until late fall or early winter (October/November) will begin. Weatherization in Fall will clear out and prepare the systems for Winter.