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Moss Wall Installation

Sean MurphyComment

When our friend and neighbor December Thieves asked us to help them with a moss wall for their new store, Heist, we were thrilled! We are always looking for exciting and interesting way to help the community and other small businesses, not to mention bring a little more green into the world.

After viewing the space, we came up with a game plan, and our team of designers beautifully installed their moss wall. Heist will be opening soon on Charles Street - be sure to head over and see the beautiful interior and product! 

First, we started with large pieces of foam board, cut into shapes to match the style and desired look of the wall. 

Progress pic.JPG

Next, we fixed a variety of types and colors of moss to the foam, creating a multi-layered and textural display.  

After a long day of gluing, measuring, and cutting, the wall was ready to be mounted! Carefully transported from our South End studio, our talented team came in and transformed the space.